A multimedia campaign to re-shape the narrative on doing business in Africa by showcasing the continent's tremendous business and investment potential.

The African continent boasts a wealth of opportunities and valuable resources. As home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies it has emerged as an attractive investment destination. Africa’s private sector is rapidly expanding with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) driving the continent’s growth, creating 80 percent of jobs on the continent.

Africa Investment Rising is a communications and advocacy campaign aimed at shifting the prevailing narrative on doing business in Africa by showcasing its tremendous business and investment potential, amplifying the voice of Africa’s private sector leaders and advocating for an enabling environment for inclusive growth through multimedia storytelling and strategic traditional and social media outreach.

Multimedia Thought Leadership Platform

The Africa Investment Rising campaign features a bimonthly series of video spotlights, blogs and podcasts from leading African and global corporate leaders and investors. The campaign spotlights are distributed widely through eblasts, website and robust traditional and social media outreach to a global audience.

Making Farming 'Cool':

Inspiring Young African Entrepreneurs to Enter the Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the economic backbone of most African economies. Produced by the Peabody award winning-Afropop Worldwide, “Making Farming Cool!” is a series of podcasts that seek to inspire African young people to pursue careers and entrepreneurship in agriculture-related enterprises and opportunities in the agricultural value chain.

U.S. Campaign to Bolster Investment in Africa

African investments offer tremendous returns. Yet, estimates show that only 0.3% of the average portfolio in the U.S. is invested in Africa. The campaign seeks to encourage greater investment in Africa by harnessing the power of US investment portfolios to invest in Africa’s future. It aims to grow investment portfolios to at least 2% over a two-year period.


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Harnessing the power of the private sector to create sustainable development and inclusive growth in Africa // igdleaders.org